We work for you:

Our consultants will work with you to specifically tailor your CV to the role you want before engaging directly with the HR department of the hiring company and explaining how you are the perfect candidate for the position. In consultation with you, we will schedule any calls or interviews and get feedback for you at every stage of the process.

It’s a free service:

Under no circumstances will you have to pay to use our services.

You will benefit from our network of connections:

Our team of recruiters has an extensive network of connections within the Irish construction sector and can reach out to companies even without any listed vacancies. This is a big advantage for candidates as you could have the opportunity to join a company you didn’t even know was hiring.

We streamline the process for you:

We can actively engage with numerous companies on your behalf, ensuring that you don’t have to spend your spare time applying for lots of different positions. We will always discuss what companies/roles are of interest to you and only send your CV for such positions you have authorised.

We can simplify the transition into your next contract position:

If you are a contract worker, you will be employed directly by Brightpath Recruitment and be paid on a weekly basis. When your contract role is coming to an end, we will have options for your