Managing Remote Teams

Top tips for managing remote teams

Remote working suddenly became a crucial part of the “new normal” in 2020. Offices were left empty across Ireland but, in many sectors, work continued successfully. With a dispersed workforce likely to remain a feature for some time to come, it is therefore important for team leaders to adapt their methods. Having your team working from home doesn’t mean that productivity will suffer and using our tips below, will help you to successfully manage your remote team

Ensure regular communication

You should ideally be in contact with your team members on a daily basis. This will give you the opportunity to understand your team’s workloads and allow you to set deadlines and assign tasks as appropriate. Regular communication also ensures that people still feel connected with the company and can see themselves as an important part of the team.

Be careful not to micromanage

Even though you need to maintain regular contact with your team, you do need to trust that people are working on assigned tasks. It is not necessary to manage how remote employees go about every aspect of their day, instead, they should be judged on their finished projects. Scheduling a daily one-to-one call or video chat will enable you to discuss priorities and set expectations, allowing employees to retain autonomy in their working process while having clear deliverables for team leaders.

Use collaborative tools

When working from home, your team needs to have the same level of access to files as they would in the office. Your team will benefit from using online platforms such as Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive. This will allow for the secure uploading and sharing of documents and facilitate efficient teamwork.

Provide the technology your team needs

Equip your team with the necessary technology to work from home in order to maximise efficiency. Remote workers will need a strong internet connection, a reliable computer and an internet security package at a minimum. You may also need to provide a HD webcam for video meetings and ergonomic office equipment. This can include items such as a keyboard, mouse, chair and desk.

Be there for your team

Remote employees need to have the same access to management as office-based workers. Therefore, it is important to make yourself available through phone, email or instant chat as much as possible. It is easy for people to become disillusioned if their questions or ideas repeatedly go unacknowledged. Make time to address what people feel is worth your consideration.