Video Interview Tips

Video interview tips

With the increase of remote working and social distancing requirements, video interviews have become an increasingly regular occurrence. While you should still prepare in a similar way to a face-to-face interview, there are new considerations to bear in mind. Use our tips below and prepare yourself for a successful video interview.

Dress as if it were a face-to-face interview

Just because you may be having this interview from home doesn’t mean that formal wear is not required. The interviewer may well be in the company office and will expect you to dress as if you were too.

Know the software you will need

There is a variety of software that you could be asked to use for a video interview. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meetings are just a few of these. If you have to download an app, make sure that you do this well in advance of your interview. Before any video interview you should also test your webcam, speaker and microphone to ensure they are working.

Pick the right location

For video interviews, the location is crucial. You should choose a well-lit place where you will not be interrupted. If there are other people in your home, remind them of the duration of the meeting and your need to not be disturbed. You also do not want an interviewer to be distracted by items behind or around you. Ideally, your background and surroundings should be as uncluttered as possible.

Webcam positioning

It is very important that the webcam is level with your eyeline. You can achieve this with a laptop by using a stand or even a stack of books. You also don’t want to sit too near or too far away. You should be able to see your head and shoulders on the camera while leaving some empty space at the top and sides of the screen.

Don’t use your phone if possible

It is preferable to use a laptop or desktop computer when conducting your interview. If you must use your phone, put it on a tripod to ensure it is stable and at the right height.

Charge your device

If you are using a laptop, ensure that it is fully charged before you begin. You do not want to be trying to find your charger during the interview.

Close unnecessary tabs and applications

You should close any tabs and applications that you do not need for the interview. Also, if you have desktop notifications enabled (for Facebook or Gmail for example), you should disable these for the duration of the interview. You don’t want incoming email alerts or social media notifications to cause interruption.

Be early

You will be given a link by the interviewer that will allow you to enter the virtual meeting room. You do not have to wait until the last minute to click this. There is a waiting room function and the interviewer will “let you in” and commence the interview when they are ready.

Make eye contact

It can be more challenging to build a rapport with an interviewer in a video interview. Remember to look directly at the camera at times so that the interviewer can see you speaking to them. You should avoid always looking at your screen when you are talking.