Interview Tips

Interview tips

Interviewing for a new job can be a daunting experience but by using our insights below, you will be able to prepare yourself for a successful interview and an exciting new position.

Research the company

Learn about the projects that the company are currently working on and be aware of notable past developments. Knowledge of relevant industry awards they have won, any high-profile clients they work with and certifications that they hold will showcase the research you have done.

Wear appropriate attire

This will depend on the location of your interview. Some may have a site-based aspect where work wear and PPE will be required. If your interview is conducted at the company office, then you will be expected to wear more formal clothes. We will be able to advise on exact interview details in advance.

Ensure you are on time

It is very important to be on time. Make sure that you plan your route in advance, know how long it will take to reach the interview location and allow for delays.

Maintain positive body language

Make sure you make eye contact with your interviewer(s), but don’t allow it to become continuous. Simply staring can lead people to become uncomfortable. Sitting up straight shows confidence and using hand gestures while speaking can also help to hide nervous impulses such as touching your face.

Know your CV

The information that you have provided will be the starting point for the interviewer. Use examples from your CV to show how your skills and experience will be valuable to the company. Ensure that you can refer to projects that you have been a part of and the impact you had on their success.

Be ready to ask questions

Having questions ready to ask demonstrates your interest in the company and role. Questions like “How would you describe your company culture? What are the characteristics of your ideal candidate? What does a standard day in this role involve?” shows your genuine consideration of the position.