How to Attract and Retain Top Talent 

Attract the best people

Recruiting the right people is key to the success of all organisations. Using our insights below will enable you to build a strong employer brand. This will help to make your company the top choice for ambitious professionals.

Let people know what your company stands for

More than ever, people want to know what companies stand for. For example, are you a company that believes in mental health awareness, diversity in the workplace or environmental protection? Showcase these in your office, on your website and across your social media. This can differentiate you and reinforce how you want to be viewed by current and prospective employees.

Support life-long learning

Offering access to in-house or external courses can greatly improve the image of your company from a candidates view point. Supporting them as they pursue professional memberships such as Chartership for Engineers or Quantity Surveyors will also benefit the company as you will have skilled professionals with the latest industry knowledge in your team. Providing your people with opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge will also foster an engaged workforce and a positive environment.

Develop a clear progression pathway

Defining a clear plan for the progression of people in your organisation will help to attract professionals that want to build a career with the company. Presenting a pathway that demonstrates career support structures and the opportunity to fulfil their professional aspirations will allow you to attract the best people.

Recognise and reward employees

Recognising your best employees is an excellent way to keep them motivated and engaged with your company. Rewards don’t have to be monetary. For instance, some extra time off or the opportunity to contribute to causes that they care about sometimes have an even greater effect. People that feel valued are much more likely to stay in your company for years to come.